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Don’t Paint It?

Sometimes the things we dont paint are more valuable than all the hard work we put into a job. This week we finished a nice project painting a kitchen and basement stairwell for one of our best clients. During the initial walkthrough while we were discussing the stairwell, which was raw plaster that had never been painted and definitely needed help, the owners were a bit sad and nostalgic.
While they were excited to paint, they had their kid’s growth charts written on the wall and were sad to paint over the memories.

“Oh well, it’s time to let it go I guess.”

Maybe not, I’m thinking…You see, I love this stuff. These are the little treasures of our lives we build into our homes and they don’t need to disappear because it’s time to update or time to make this room look new.

My suggestion? A simple fix. Frame it out with nice moulding and turn it into artwork. Memorialize the history. In the end the stairwell looks great and nearly 50 years of a family’s history is preserved. Better yet, there is even a little room for the grandkids!

Live Aloha My Friends